Virginia Section’s Centennial Celebration Committee

The Virginia Section was formed in 1922, so to highlight and to recognize the civil engineering support our members have been providing to our state, we have formed a Centennial Committee.  However, a successful Centennial Celebration takes time for planning and developing the Centennial events and activities.  Therefore, our Committee has just three years if we want to enter 2022 ready to celebrate our 100 years of civil engineering accomplishments.

We still need many more volunteers, so if you know of others that may be interested in being on this once in a hundred-year opportunity to celebrate our profession, please forward them this message or give them a call, and ask them to let me know at

Since the Committee will be working across the Commonwealth, the work will be done by regular conference calls and messages.   In the beginning, the time would be only a few hours a month for participation and brainstorming on what we want to have for our Centennial.  Then, as we get closer to 2022, the work will increase as we begin planning specific events and activities.  

As an indicator of what can be done for a Centennial, please take a look at what the National Capital Section did for their Centennial.

This includes volunteers not active in a Branch but who want to promote our profession and develop recruitment tools for the next generation.